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What Do We Inspect On A Roof And Property After A Hailstorm Hits?

Here are the top things we inspect on a roof and property when a hailstorm hits your home or business in the Austin Metro.

When we inspect a roof after a hailstorm, a couple of things that we’re looking for is:

  1. How severe was the hail?
  2. Did it knock a couple of the granules off?
  3. Did it puncture the shingle?
  4. Is the backing of that shingle broken to where you’re now susceptible to a leak immediately?
  5. Are there dents on your ventilation?
  6. Is there dents on your soft metals up on the roof?

Then we’ll check the rest of the property in Austin for hail damage:

  1. Are your gutters damaged?
  2. Do they have dents on them?
  3. Does your gas grill, did that get a dent on it?
  4. Does your fence have splatter from hail damage?

Overall, we just look at anything around your property that might have been damaged by hail. Then when your adjuster comes out to potentially inspect your property, we’re happy to walk around the property with them and point out all of those different things that have damage, just to make sure that you get compensated and your property gets brought back to pre-storm condition. Need a complimentary storm damage inspection and estimate? Click here to book now.

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