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In Manor, where the sun is relentless, a dependable roof is key for comfort and survival. As the trusted roofing company in Manor, we bring local expertise that stands up to the harshest elements. Whether facing blistering heat or sudden storms, we deliver roofing that endures and protects.

Our services span residential to commercial, each tailored to your needs and the unique climate. Facing an emergency or planning a new installation, our roofing team is ready with suitable materials and design. We make roofs that last and elevate your property’s look. Count on us for all your roofing and gutter needs. Our commitment is to quality, service, and style, ensuring your space remains secure and attractive. With Manor’s 4.4% population growth year over year, the city needs an expert Roofing Company to handle this expansion.

  • Free inspections and estimates, always.
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Our team is on call 24/7 to answer your needs.
  • We handle all roofing types—Asphalt to Slate and every Membrane in between.
  • A family-owned business with a vast service network.
  • Committed to excellence, no matter what.
  • Fully insured, with a lifetime guarantee on workmanship.
  • We’re a proud part of the local roofing community.
  • All-in-one home improvement company partnering with Performance Painting – More than Roof Repairs and Replacement
  • Member of The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas

Meet Our Premier Roofing Company Services For Manor, TX

Entrust your property’s protection to our skilled hands, where we offer specialized roofing services. Each service is a blend of our dedication to quality and the art of bespoke craftsmanship. We understand the pivotal role a roof plays in your space’s safety and aesthetic appeal, which is why we’re committed to providing superior roofing services that meet your every need.

  • Commercial Roofing: Our commercial roofing service is the guardian of your business. We install robust, aesthetically pleasing roofs that are reflective of your brand’s resilience, ensuring that your operations continue seamlessly, come rain or shine.
  • Gutters: A well-functioning gutter system is your property’s unsung hero. We install, maintain, and repair gutters, ensuring they efficiently channel water away, protecting your property’s foundation and landscaping. We have over 50 gutter colors to choose from.
  • Roof Repairs: A swift response to roof damage can save you time and money. Our roof repair service identifies and fixes issues promptly, maintaining the integrity of your roof and extending its lifespan.
  • Storm Damage Assistance: We stand with you during the aftermath of a storm, offering swift damage assessment and repairs. Our experts work diligently to restore your roof to its optimal state, minimizing disruption to your life. Our team offers emergency tarps and works with you and your insurance if your property is affected by hail damage or wind.
  • Multi-Family Roofing: We cater to the unique roofing needs of multi-family residences, ensuring that each unit’s roof is impeccably maintained to provide safety and comfort for all inhabitants.
  • Roof Replacement: When the time comes for a new roof, our replacement services provide a fresh start. We offer comprehensive removal and installation with minimal interruption to your daily life.
  • Ice Dam Roofing: Our ice dam roofing solutions are tailored to address and prevent ice build-up, protecting your roof from potential water damage during the colder months. Enhancing ventilation and insulation minimizes the risks of forming ice dams. Our materials and techniques are chosen to fortify your roof against the harsh winter elements, ensuring its integrity and comfort.
  • Here are the types of roofing systems we service: Asphalt, Metal, Tile, Slate, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, Roof Coatings, Stone-coated steel, and Built-Up Roofing.

Why Local Expertise Is Essential for Your Roofing Projects

The value of local expertise in roofing cannot be overstated. A thorough understanding of regional nuances significantly impacts the quality of roofing services. Our team combines professional insight with a granular knowledge of local climatic conditions, architectural styles, and building regulations. 

 Local Roofing Services in Manor

This regional proficiency ensures that every roofing project we undertake is effective and highly customized to meet the specific demands of your environment. Here’s how our localized approach benefits you:

  • Customized Roofing Strategies: We leverage our in-depth knowledge of the area to design uniquely tailored roofing solutions, ensuring your property’s roof is ideally suited to its environment. How so? We have been in business for 10 years locally.
  • Prompt Service Delivery: Our proximity to you means we can provide swift, reliable responses to all your roofing concerns, including emergencies, complemented by our 24/7 office support for immediate assistance.
  • Climatic Adaptation Expertise: We possess expert knowledge in countering local weather challenges, ensuring your roof is prepared for everything from blistering heat waves to unanticipated stormy weather.
  • Regulatory Compliance Assurance: Our familiarity with local building codes means we navigate the legalities effortlessly, ensuring your roofing work complies with all the necessary regulations and avoiding legal complications.
  • Community Integration: Our strong connections within the community, including with local chambers, suppliers, and businesses, enhance the resources and support available for your roofing projects.
  • Individualized Client Relationships: We take pride in our role as a community-focused provider, offering personalized attention and fostering trust through lasting partnerships with our clients.

Seal the Deal with Performance Roofing Austin serving Manor, TX

Are you ready to elevate your roofing experience? Look no further than Performance Roofing Austin. We’re not just about shingles and tiles but about creating safe paradises and lasting legacies. Connect with us and let your roofing journey soar to new heights. It’s time to transform your roofing dreams into reality with a team that cares deeply about your satisfaction.

Take the final step towards a secure, stylish, and resilient roof. With Performance Roofing Austin, you choose a legacy of excellence and a future free from roofing worries. Contact us today—because your home deserves the pinnacle of protection and elegance that only we can provide. Let’s craft your roofing masterpiece together, choose the go-to Roofing Company in Manor, TX today.

Frequently Ask Questions

We cover all your roofing and exterior needs, from comprehensive inspections, tailored installations, and meticulous maintenance to prompt repairs and complete replacements. Our expertise ensures your roof is in top condition, enhancing your property’s value and safety. We also offer painting, carpentry, gutters, and more.

As a leading roofing company in Cedar Park, TX, we extend our services across the surrounding counties, offering our expertise to a broad range of clients. Whether in Cedar Park or nearby areas, we’re here to meet your roofing needs with unparalleled professionalism. Overall we are located in Pflugerville and serve a 2-hour radius of the Austin Metro and Central Texas.

The decision between repair and replacement depends on several factors, including the roof’s age, extent of damage, and overall condition. Our team conducts thorough inspections to provide you with the best recommendations tailored to ensure the longevity and performance of your roofing system.