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What Should I Do After Hail Hits My Roof?

Hailstorm hits your home in Austin Metro – Next Steps

Here are next steps to take after a hailstorm has hit your home. 

  1. Have a qualified roofer, come out and take a look at your property. Verify the damage and verify if it meets the insurance criteria for a replacement, or verify if you just need a repair, or if you have no damage at all. If your roofer advises that you do have damage on the roof and you’re not familiar with the insurance process, ask them to walk you through that process and file that claim with you.
  1. After you file your claim, the adjuster will come out and inspect the roof and verify the damage for themselves with our team there. Once your insurance company has verified the damage on the roof, they’ll write you an estimate accordingly. Once you receive that estimate, you can either request that your contractor provide you with an estimate to replace it with their own custom pricing, or you can give them your insurance paperwork. Usually our team prefers to provide you with our cash pricing first, that way we can go to bat for you to make sure insurance covers everything that was damaged. This makes sure we never cut corners at Performance Roofing.

Regardless, your out-of-pocket price should not exceed the amount of your deductible. 

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