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Ice Dams in the Austin Texas Metro: What You Need to Know

While Austin might not see the bone-chilling winters of other regions, those pesky ice dams can still wreak havoc on your roof, even in our milder climate. Here’s the lowdown on what causes these icy nuisances and how to keep them at bay, specifically for homes in the Austin Texas Metro:

The Austin Twist:

  • Sneaky Warmth: Our notorious Texas heat doesn’t hibernate during winter. Even mild daytime temperatures can melt snow on your roof, leading to ice dam formation at the cooler eaves.
  • Limited Attic Ventilation: Poor attic ventilation, common in older homes around Austin, traps heat, exacerbating snow melting and ice dam growth.
  • Surprise Blizzards: While rare, occasional bursts of heavy snowfall in Austin can quickly pile up on your roof, insulating it and trapping heat, creating the perfect storm for ice dams.

Ice Dam Prevention Tips for Austin Homes:

  • Ventilation is Vital: Ensure proper attic airflow by checking and cleaning existing vents, or installing additional soffit and ridge vents to keep your attic cool and dry.
  • Insulate with Intention: Make sure your attic has adequate insulation, at least R-30, to minimize heat loss from your home and prevent it from reaching the roof.
  • Regular Roof Patrol: Regularly clear snow from your roof, especially after even light snowfall. A simple roof rake can do wonders in preventing ice dams from forming.
  • Ice Shield for Extra Defense: Consider installing an ice and water shield, especially on vulnerable low-slope roofs, to direct meltwater away from the eaves and prevent ice dam buildup.

If You’re Stuck with an Ice Dam:

  • Safety First: Messing with ice dams can be dangerous. Leave it to the pros! Contact a qualified roofing contractor in the Austin area like our Performance Roofing team who can safely remove the ice dam using specialized tools and techniques.
  • No Brute Force: Resist the urge to attack the ice dam with shovels or picks. This can damage your shingles and create even bigger problems.

Remember, ice dams are nothing to mess with. By taking preventive measures and seeking professional help when needed, you can keep your Austin roof safe and sound, year-round.

Ice Storm Roof Inspections

As a comprehensive general contractor serving the Austin metro area, our team is equipped to thoroughly train our consultants, enabling them to identify and address any repairs necessary due to ice or snow storm damage on your home's exterior. Our consultants are flexible and will coordinate with your schedule to arrange an inspection time convenient for you after the storm. Beyond simply pointing out areas in need of repair or replacement following a winter storm, we go the extra mile by offering valuable insights on enhancements that can bring out the best in your home once the necessary work is completed.

Roof/Gutter Repair and Replacement

Following a comprehensive assessment of your roof and home exterior in the Austin area, we'll assess whether a prompt repair or a complete roof replacement is necessary. We prioritize individualized service, taking the time to discuss your options, walk you through our process, and even meet with the insurance adjustor at your Austin residence. Recognizing the unique needs of each customer, we, as a full-service general contractor in the Austin metro, address all concerns thoroughly. In case of emergencies, please reach out to our office who is available 24/7, and we'll promptly dispatch a team to your Austin home.

Insurance Claim Help

Wondering if your adjuster accurately calculated your roof claim for storm damage? With over 20 years of expertise in handling insurance claims in the Austin metro area, our team of storm and restoration specialists is here for you. We bring extensive experience in addressing claims related to roofs, exteriors, and interiors of homes. Count on us to advocate on your behalf, ensuring you receive a fair assessment and aren't taken advantage of. Explore our reviews from satisfied insurance clients, and check out the video below for firsthand insights into our commitment to your peace of mind.

At Performance Roofing in the Austin Metro, we install and repair all types of roofing systems including: Asphalt, Metal, Stone, Tile, TPO, Built Up, and much more. Color, Style, Material, and cost are all based upon your needs, wants, and budget. Our Gutters Team also provides Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Vinyl, and more for those needs. This will prevent siding and foundation repairs in the future.

Our team is on call 24/7 – Call Now – 512-861-5338

Why Performance Roofing in the Austin Metro for your Ice Dam Roofing needs?

  • We are fully insured with liability and workers comp.
  • Project managers on-site for each installation and contracting project to ensure a quality product and service.
  • Extensive nail/debris cleanup at the conclusion of the project.
  • Locally and family owned, and involved in local chambers.
  • We service North to Copperas Cove and Waco, South to San Antonio if needed, West to Horseshoe Bay, and East to Giddings, and of course the Austin Metro. Our team is spread across these areas to serve you in a timely manner. 
  • Full-Service General Contractor built to handle all your home and business needs so you only go through one company.
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