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3 Reasons You Should Inspect Your Roof In Pflugerville

3 Reasons to inspect your roof if you haven’t been hit by a storm this year – Performance Roofing in Pflugerville

While it might seem like you should only call a roofing company after a storm affects your home, it is actually the complete opposite. The first reason you should get it inspected before is, if we come out now we can establish a non damaged roof baseline, that way the homeowner can prove to insurance there was no damage prior to a hailstorm. Number two, checking your primary sources for water intrusion: roof to wall transitions, exposed fasteners, degrading sealant, and more. Last, most insurance companies prefer the homeowner to perform general maintenance repairs to maintain coverage.
Overall if you inspect now, you can prevent future leaks and further damage to your home and roof in Pflugerville. While this example uses Pflugerville, our Performance Roofing team serves the entire Austin Metro. Click here to contact us and schedule your complimentary inspection today.

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