What Does a Clean Roof Install Look Like in Pflugerville, TX?

Clean Roof Install Pflugerville

The Art of a clean Roof Installation: Ensuring a Durable and Aesthetically Pleasing Finish – Performance Roofing in Pflugerville Have you ever wondered what goes into a truly clean and efficient roof installation? At Performance Roofing, we take pride in our meticulous approach to roofing, ensuring a process that not only meets industry standards but […]

What Should I Do After Hail Hits My Roof?

Hail stormed Home Repair in Austin Metro

Hailstorm hits your home in Austin Metro – Next Steps Here are next steps to take after a hailstorm has hit your home.  Regardless, your out-of-pocket price should not exceed the amount of your deductible. 

What Do We Inspect On A Roof And Property After A Hailstorm Hits?

What do we inspect on a roof and property after a hailstorm hits?

Here are the top things we inspect on a roof and property when a hailstorm hits your home or business in the Austin Metro. When we inspect a roof after a hailstorm, a couple of things that we’re looking for is: Then we’ll check the rest of the property in Austin for hail damage: Overall, […]

3 Reasons You Should Inspect Your Roof In Pflugerville

3 reasons you should inspect your roof in Pflugerville

3 Reasons to inspect your roof if you haven’t been hit by a storm this year – Performance Roofing in Pflugerville While it might seem like you should only call a roofing company after a storm affects your home, it is actually the complete opposite. The first reason you should get it inspected before is, […]

Hire a Top-Rated Roofer in Shady Hollow, TX

Hire a Top-Rated Roofer in Shady Hollow, TX

Your home is one of your most significant investments, so you’ll want to protect it by caring for your roof. At Performance Roofing, Inc., we’re a full-service roofer in Shady Hollow, TX, that offers a wide range of top-quality solutions to keep your roof in tip-top condition. Our licensed professionals have years of experience and […]

Get Help From an Experienced Roofer in Cedar Park, TX

Get Help From an Experienced Roofer in Cedar Park, TX

Are you searching for a professional roofer in Cedar Park, TX? At Performance Roofing, Inc., we offer a wide range of top-quality roofing services for all your preferences and needs. Whether you’re looking to replace a poorly installed roof or want a trusted contractor to work with the insurance company, our experienced roofers are here […]